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Bring Bail Money

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Why are there people here that expect those that work at a car dealership to kiss their behinds? Because they're buying a car? I expect the staff to be polite and professional. I do not need them to polish my shoes. If they are busy and I'm not.. I'll wait and pour myself some coffee. If I'm too busy I'll come back later. I mainly want them to hold up their end of a business transaction. If I don't like the salesman because they are not informed enough or I don't like them as an individual, I'll find a different one. If you want sucking up you need a reality check. This isn't Rodeo drive and you're not Julia Roberts. You're there to buy a car.

As for paying over MSRP.. now way no how. Most of us paid MSPR so we don't have to wait a year for $1000 off, but you can get MSRP anywhere and this is business. I would not buy from that dealer.