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Originally Posted by Spook View Post
Why are there people here that expect those that work at a car dealership to kiss their behinds? Because they're buying a car? I expect the staff to be polite and professional. I do not need them to polish my shoes. If they are busy and I'm not.. I'll wait and pour myself some coffee. If I'm too busy I'll come back later. I mainly want them to hold up their end of a business transaction. If I don't like the salesman because they are not informed enough or I don't like them as an individual, I'll find a different one. If you want sucking up you need a reality check. This isn't Rodeo drive and you're not Julia Roberts. You're there to buy a car.

As for paying over MSRP.. now way no how. Most of us paid MSPR so we don't have to wait a year for $1000 off, but you can get MSRP anywhere and this is business. I would not buy from that dealer.

Wow, I don’t know where to begin with this one.

As you grow up and become more successful in life you will realize that you time is very valuable. Most good sales organization realize this and are willing to give YOU premiums (swag), discounts, and/or other considerations for the right to market or sell to you. By not valuing your time you devalue yourself in a capitalist society. you are telling the world that your time (your most valuable resource) isn’t worth anything.

As for Rodeo Dr., that’s the crowd BMW markets to in the US. High level service is built into their pricing model. You may not feel that you are worthy or wanting of these perks, but I recognize the value of my time and expect to be treated accordingly.

BTW , you should try shopping on Rodeo Dr one day. The level of service makes it almost
Bearable when my wife buy a $1200 purse.

Originally Posted by happywalmartcustomer View Post
Whatever floats your boat. I hear saturn dealerships are very friendly. Personally I would never equate sales staff with the quality of a product.


(sales quality) is not equal to (over all quality)
(sales quality) + (Product quality) + (service quality) = (overall quality)

Audi, Volvo, Lexus, Infinity, and Mercedes all have quality product. I have bought from Lexus and Infinity. I have shopped at Mercedes and Audi. My experience with BMW so far is well below the standard of the other four . Don’t make excuses for poor dealers. Expect more. You deserve it if you are buying a high quality car.