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Originally Posted by slickone View Post
People have given him many names and dealers. I believe he is just here to complain.
Guess you dont read. This is what I said earlier:

Originally Posted by gargoyal View Post
Thanks all for the PMs and post of good dealers. I will try this again on Sunday.

As to:

Originally Posted by slickone View Post
No offense, but you drive Scion TC, yet you shop on Rodeo.

$1200 purse on Rodeo, you getting some back alley deals.

Reading issue again . I drive a G35 6mt AND a tC. The tC is my project car that is heavily modded. It is a fun toy that I get a kick out of. Im planning on making a 135 my new project. My wife drives a Lexus rx400h. As for Rodeo drive, my point is quality and luxury is more that just the product. BMW is a luxury product. They are a strong 2nd in the luxury segment. They only have about a 1.8% share of the over all car market.

From the posts and PMs that I have gotten ,it seen that BMW does value their customer experience, I was just unlucky to pick two dealers that act more like Ford and Nissan Dealers than a luxury car outfit. It is also very apparent that there are people who are very passionate about BMWs to the point that they will put up with disservice to get their prize. Dont hate on me and other because we expect more. Who knows, after I get my 135 I may be so impressed with BMW that I will be willing to crawl over razorblades to get my next BMW fix.

The trick is they have to hook me first. Good customer service and A red 135 at sticker is really tempting bait