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Originally Posted by gargoyal View Post
From the posts and PMs that I have gotten ,it seen that BMW does value their customer experience, I was just unlucky to pick two dealers that act more like Ford and Nissan Dealers than a luxury car outfit. It is also very apparent that there are people who are very passionate about BMWs to the point that they will put up with disservice to get their prize.
That was my experience with one dealer, and I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater although I'm still fairly torqued over the incident.

Also, we've had an influx of "passionate" people to this board (read: badge queens, apologists and shills) since 1-series deliveries began. Anyone who states that you should expect and tolerate arrogance from commissioned salesman of any stripe can be immediately and thoroughly dismissed. It'll take awhile to flush that element out of this relatively young forum.