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Originally Posted by rajuncajun View Post
I ordered mine in February. BMW of Tulsa told me I wouldn't be able to place my "alotment" until March and would thus receive the car in May or June. They called one day and said it was already built! Rest is history. Lesson learned - the dealers don't know what they are talking about. I bet you get your car in a few months.

Ahh, they have a better idea than you think. Remember I mentioned that dealers want to get you the car asap? While other dealers have a demo 135, your car took the place of theirs. So it probably would have taken longer if they hadn't done that. My guess is that they found another dealer who had your exact car ordered and traded Tulsa's demo for theirs before shipping to the dealer was finalized. Thus, it was already ordered by another dealer and built but diverted to Tulsa instead of, say, BMW of Orlando.

Personally, I always found that if I tried to give a date of best case scenario, that's all that sticks in their head. Anything later lowers their satisfaction whereas beating the estimated arrival date increases satisfaction. Trying to explain the ins and outs of the ordering/delivering process to the customer is generally superfolous, confusing, and unnecessary. Add to all of this that the control of information is with the manager, not the salesperson who generally gets the bad rap.