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Sorry guys..! It's been some time since I've posted here. The biggest change for me...! I test drove both the manual n auto versions. It isn't that i didn't like the manual. I liked the auto more. Guess I am more of a techno guy. I love the paddle shifters:biggrin:

very luckily, the gentlemen next in my line didn't take his delivery and it was an Step AW. Similar options as mine but not the same. So I took the other car instead of mine. Btw I might be getting a Dinan in the next couple of days.

I paid a lot (500$) and went for one of the best Huper optik tint ( Nano ceramic tint) and it looks awesome. All of you should tell me how your car is after you guys take your's. I'll be waiting to hear from you:drinking:

I am driving safe and still no ticket yet