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Originally Posted by Justin(OKC) View Post
Hey man, what color did you order. I just left Jackie Cooper to get some info. Here's what I found out:

135i Black Saph Metallic - demo
135i Jet Black - on ship headed to USA
135i Jet Black - status 111
135i Titanium Silver - ordered one week before me
135i Alpine White - my car
135i ??? don't know any info about this one, but it's the last one they have on order

I was thinking that you are one car behind me. I asked my CA if I was still looking at 90 days. If it ends up being more, I will be upset but don't know that I could/would do anything about it. He told me his opinion on how they handle their orders, but I will not address it on the board as it might not be appropriate. If they are only getting 7 of these as 2008 models, then they are almost all spoken for.

Give us some info on what you ordered!!! I told my CA that I could have bought an M3 sedan if I wanted to spend that kind of money, but I just couldn't justify it with what the 135 had to offer. Plus, I can keep my M3/4 if I want to!!!
yes looks like i am the one behind you. Thanks for posting that is some good info.

My car is Black Saph Metallic,
black leather/ silver interior trim,
shadowline trim, 6spd.

Although now thinking about it, if my car is not coming until October would that now make it an 09 model? i am going to have to check up on this. I would like to know. We'll have to get together sometime after we get our cars and cruise around, are you a member of any of the bmw clubs here?

i just recently joined the members located here in okc and tulsa area.
My 135i hotrod :smile:

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