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Originally Posted by Chicago1 View Post
dclee1 - Dude, how'd you get an April 19th ED??? My dealer told me they "can't do ED because they won't have the program in place for another 6 months." They told me that when I put a deposit on mine, first week in March. I ordered my passport and everything!
Did my guy lie to me? WTF?
Yeah, they lied. Or at least your CA was misinformed, or he was referring to the fact that that specific dealer wasn't going to do it for 6 months. I called several places when I was shopping around in December, and many of them didn't want to do ED at all, or at least for the first few first few months after launch since the 1ers would come outta their allocation.

I'd confront your guy about it may be too late if you're on order already but at least you know what kind of person you'd be dealing with in the future...

Outta curiousity, who's your dealer?
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