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Peterson BMW (Boise,ID)

I would strongly recommend this dealership if you enjoy experiences such as waiting in 5:00 rush hour traffic, getting a root canal, or having your prostate checked by a doctor w/ sausage fingers. Going to this dealership is basically a combination of the aforementioned. Not sure how the service department is, but the SA's there are your stereotypical know-nothing pricks. Here's a few highlights of their EXCEPTIONAL customer experience.
Tried calling the dealership prior to the 135i's arrival to schedule an appt for a test drive and speak w/ an SA. They assured me I was on the top of a call list and would be notified as soon as the car arrived to set up a time to drive it. Happened to drive by the dealership around 3/26 and low and behold, what do I see? You guessed it, a black 135i, which had apparently arrived several days prior. Thanks for the excellent response time fellas. Next, I go to speak to an SA to see if I can take her out for a spin. This tool of a salesman tells me it's pretty close to closing time, but come back tomorrow (somehow he barely manages his way to mumble this to me as he intently watches some March madness on the dealership TV). Way to go the extra mile to make that sale, very impressive. But wait there's more!! I finally get a chance to drive the car (which was my only positive experience at Peterduds) and talk to an SA briefly about pricing. I let him know I'm going to test drive a Cayman S the following day for comparison, but if he could please call me w/ an offer w/ the options I think I might want. No problem he says, first thing tomorrow he will have an offer. Does he call me back the next day, nope, how about 48 hrs later, nope. He finally returns my call 3 days later (no offer) and asks me to come in to make an order. WTF?? Was our prior conversation a figment of my imagination? What the hell happened to first thing tomorrow AM w/ an offer? I decide to let some more of this incompetence go if only to see what they have to say. The guy knows I'm serious; we bought my wife's Lexus about a month ago, and this would be the 3rd car bought from the Peterson's Autoplex. I ask him to please take this into consideration when offering me a price. He talks to his sales manager. MSRP ONLY and I would not likely get the car until late August at the earliest b/c the earlier allocations have been spoken for. Hmmm, tempting but I think I'd rather eat glass.
Having had such top notch service from Peterscrubs AutoPuds over the past week, I had already contacted BMW of Idaho Falls to see what they had to say. Experience was night and day. Got the car I wanted for $1600 off MSRP as my parents got their 330xi through them and they value return customers/dealership loyalty. SA was extremely courteous, returned calls/emails as promised AND on time, and was a pleasure to work with. Everything one would expect from a luxury car dealership; the antithesis to Peterscrubs Dealershit.