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Originally Posted by jtsherri View Post
Man, I am getting beat up pretty badly!

I'm thinking about taking a ride up tomorrow to see what I can figure out. I just can't seem to decide on options. The coral interior and other goodies that come with the premium package are damn nice, but not stuff I need... Realistically, sports package and heated seats are plenty, but I'm greedy! :biggrin:

Clayton: I did finally get a hold of Aaron; however, it doesn't seem like they're having any issue in the world with moving cars down there... He said he'd be able to work "a little," but I don't think he'd come down the $500 that the "other" dealership I'm working with said they would. He seems like a nice guy, but do you think it's worth telling him that he'd have to beat that to get me to jump ship...?

Shawn: I'm going to avoid John's thread about the STI like the plague... Obviously it and the 1 are two completely different cars, but it looks oh-so-hot in black. I hate to say it, but I'm kind of jealous!


The best thing I did to help you last night was not let you drive. Usually I would let you, but you'd be screwed.


Open the wallet and get the P package, Com Acs, Prem Stereo, HS, and Sat Radio.....LIVE :eyebulge: wanting more than $500 is an excuss to keep you from jumping on board....:wink: