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Petersons BMW is a waste of time

I bought several of car from Petersons over the years. When old man Peterson (Marvin) retired and his son took over that is when they went down hill. I did buy one BMW from them eight years ago but on my current BMW I saved $7K going to another dealer in Portland, OR. I go to Petersons for service since they are the only BMW center within reasonable distance for me.
So my purchase story goes as follows:
While I was there for service I ran into the SA that sold me a BMW eight Years ago. I told him I was going to buy a 135i. He told me he was sorry they could not close the deal on my current BMW but wanted my business on the 135i. I told him all the SA were like classic used car salesmen and they do not know the product they sell. I said I would only deal with him since I feel he was honest in the past. He was very helpful, called me when the black 135i came in. I scheduled a test drive and drove the car. He called me the next day and we started working on my trade in. When I had a question he would return my call within hours. Now I am ready to buy the car but my wife wants to drive it. I call the SA and we set up a time and my wife and I go to test drive the car. We meet with the SA and he gives my wife and I a license plate and says have fun. That is another story about driving the car without the SA. When we return the dealership the SA has another customer (remember we had made an appointment with the SA) and he cons me off on some looser SA to write up the car. I tell the looser SA I want the following:
135i Coupe
Sparkling Graphite Metallic
Black Boston Leather/Aluminum Trim
Sports Package
Premium Package
Cold Weather Package
Premium Hi-fi System
ipod/USB adaptor
Comfort Access System
He pulls out his order notebook and starts fumbling around. I would have thought he never wrote up an order the way he was doing things. When he went to his manager my wife said she thought he looked like the janitor (about 70 years old and long thin hair combed straight back) and not a SA. He starts writing up the order flipping through pages in his notebook. Ah, I found it he says and asks again what I wanted. I showed him where he just wrote it down a few minuets earlier. He starts putting down the codes for the options I wanted. I happen to look at his sheet and he was using the option sheet for the 128i convertible. I let him do the whole write up then point out he was using the wrong sheet. He finally gets it done and tells me he submitted the order. I leave and go on my way with a production number.
A day later I called my SA to tell him the production order did not match my car and left a message but no return call. Two days go by so I call the SA again and leave a message. Two days later he returns my call and says they had a car scheduled for build and they changed it to my configuration. By this time I had figured out that they had a car slated for production but changed it to my configuration. This is the guy that returned my call within hours before the sale. I called two more times and left messages to get the build date but no returned calls. I go to the dealership and find another loosed SA. I ask him for my build date and they say they do not have that information. I push a little harder and the SA asks the Manager. The Manager tells me the same thing “no build date; we do not get that information”. I then said you had a car scheduled for production and you do not have the build date? I also mentioned BMW customers at other BMW dealers get this info. The Manager grunts since he has to do something and takes a notebook down from his shelf and looks it over and says your build date is week 17. Why did I have to go through all that to get a simple build date. I get to do the customer survey at the end and they will have the worst marks I can give them with the comments from this thread.

So RxBMW I take it you have not had the opportunity to experience Peterson BMW service. They are just as much a piece of work as the Sales department. I had a few issues where they told me they were not going to fix my car under warranty especially since I did not buy it from them. Then they told me I had tampered with it which was not true. I had to place calls to BMWNA. Both events the next day the Service Manager is calling me to bring my car in to have it fixed.
Another service horror story that just happened, I had a clunk noise when I let out the clutch or accelerated. Peterson replaced the rear end cluster. It did not fix the problem so they replaced the drive shaft. That fixed it but it came back a few days later. I checked it out myself and the bolts to the drive shaft were loose. I took it back in not telling them what I found. When I picked up the car they said they did not find anything wrong. I defiantly am going to do the hidden camera thing when the time is right and if it comes out well, I will give it to my wife who does business with the local TV stations.

My question is why do they do all this self inflected damage to themselves. There are guys I work with that will not go into any Peterson Dealership.

I buy Toyota trucks but not from Peterson Toyota. I did take the truck to them for service but they could not fix several issues on my Tacoma in several visits. I called Toyota, opened a case following the Lemon Law and I have a new Tacoma due to Petersons head up there a$$. I now take my Tacoma to Tom Scott. They have been great so far.
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