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Hey guys, new to the forum, have a 135 manual on order. I only got to drive the auto demo car, before I ordered. Not bad, but I thought the shifts could be more firm. It was better than most auto's, but I think the manual is the way to go. Nothing like the feeling of coming off the line, hammering 2nd, then after your really moving jamming 3rd. Maybe its in my mind, but it always feels like the shear momentum of the 2-3 shift makes the car jump forward. Yeah thats probably in my head. I still have a hard time getting into the new automatically shifted manuals (DSG's) that many new performance cars are coming out with. I know they are faster (better?) than the manual versions, I just don't think they are as much fun. Also, as 0002s said theres the money factor.

On another note the original reason I posted was to ask a question of those that have their cars. Was anyone as obsessive as I was about tracking their car as it moved across the pond? If so, I entered my VIN into Wellnius auto tracking and it said my port of destination was SC, not NY. I didn't opt for the PCD, so I am thinking it should be off loaded in NY. Is this normal or should I call my CA and see if there is an issue? This is sort of a copy of a post I have in the ordering forum, which has gotten some views but no responses.