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Originally Posted by jtsherri View Post
Well, as cool as my wife is, she doesn't drive a manual like yours (I strategically used the word "manual" instead of "stick" )... She's hated the last 5-10 cars that I've owned and absolutely loved the One when we went to test drive it. She went on about the seats and how nice the interior was, etc... After hearing me go on about just how good the auto was, she asked if I was going to get it, so I've at least considered it. :iono:

Do I want to spend $2k more...? No, not really, but I've at least contemplated it. More than likely I'm going to load up the car with the exception of a few things (i.e. HD Radio, Active Steering), so $2k is somewhat minimal compared to the big picture...

I'll teach your wife to drive a stick for a free dinner....:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

It's cheaper to teach her.