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I live in San Francisco and have actually bought from BMW of SF before: I purchased a new 2006 BMW K1200S motorcycle there. My friend (2007 M5) and I both had shitty experiences with BMW of SF. Do yourself a favor and buy anywhere else in Northern California. To get a true sense of how badly this dealership is perceived in San Francisco, do a search for it on BMW of SF is despised by many of its former customers.

So. . . when I decided to order a 135i in March, I drove up to Marin and bought from Sonnen BMW in San Rafael. I had a good buying experience and have since had a WONDERFUL waiting experience because of Sonnen BMW's Kelly Kimberley. Kelly is a guy(!) who genuinely loves the product and is always happy to talk to customers who are waiting for their new toy to arrive. I talk to Kelly at least once a week and he has done a fantastic job of keeping me abreast of every update in the build & shipping process. Unbelievably, Kelly took a two-month wait that could have left me clueless and miserable and instead made it an information-rich and surprisingly engaging experience.

And, most importantly, Sonnen did not gouge on price.