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Yeah the markup is just so you think your getting a deal at msrp. I'm buying from SF BMW and heres the trick in my opinion. Some people might see me as being an A**hole but I just see it as getting them to compete and give the same deal as other dealerships. I hope noone from the dealership is reading this, they'll probably spit on my car when it gets here haha! So this is it, simple: put a deposit and order the car and get your production number THEN tell them another dealership (concord or mountain view) you were at in the past contacted you and said they'd give $500 off msrp. And this IS true, I did call other dealerships and almost completely switched to get the deal. tell them you want that deal or you will cancel your order with them and go to the other dealership. All the work has been done to select the options and order the car, they don't want to lose your business. It's really a game with these salesmen and he didn't crack until I told him I wanted to cancel my order. Everyone else is getting atleast $500 off msrp around the bay area, I wasn't about to pay more than everyone else. Of course, all this haggling is only if you live in the city and want that convinience. If I had to do it again I'd probably just call another dealership and make sure I could get 500 off msrp before i go there and thats probably the easiest way. concord or mountain-view will hook you up. Did I mention I got free rubber floor mats too?:thumbup: