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lamini: a socal purchase is not such a bad idea what with the prospect of a nice, "polite" drive back up 101 to hwy One for lots of twisties and reasonable revs for break-in.

gypsee: congratulations on an effective "defense" tactic but who needs the "grief" of going to the trouble of outgaming the gamers. Would you entrust your One to BMW/SF for servicing?

confusion: I hate to defend these guys but I think the cars were on their lot for only a day. The day before I took the pix I saw an empty transporter parked in the middle
of the street in front of the "store" and I saw the same cars with the $1k markup sticker and total price depicted above and the Monroney Stickers on top of the dashboard.
They were gone on day #2 when I returned with my camera. Don't know if they were stashed away or were being prepared with magic BMW stickum to place
on the cars. Their cars other than the Ones had proper stickers and no markup. I would speculate that they want to (legally or otherwise) obfuscate the equipment the car
comes with. BTW the 135i did have the 18" wheels its supposed to come with on it (see pics below) but there is no way of knowing if they are charging extra for it because
of the Monroney violation. (They have stated in the past that the BMW website is "wrong" and that you have to pay extra for the 18'-ers. That was seconded, probably
through confusion or error by a more reputable dealer.)

Scotty Is your avatar a pic of you keeping abreast of your car's undercarriage condition? Your guess is right. They are "right in the city." SF is small geographically
(7 x 7 miles) and the City is the County. Harsh...I don't know if that is the word. Arrogant. Entitled. Their goal seems to be to make the customer feel as though they are
doing him a favor by permitting him to buy a vehicle from them. People wander around the lot and the store being ignored. It is nice to not be pounced upon. Not nice to
be unable to get anyone's attention if you want it. They cater to the $ is no object masochistic crowd IMHO. When I was there taking the pix the only person who approached
me was a bewildered looking woman who walked up to me and asked, "Do you work here" when I said no, she asked rhetorically, "How do you get someone who does to
talk to you?"