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Originally Posted by FreeBMW View Post
so you got an auto....

1. you are not going to road course the car??
2. you are not going to dyno the car??
3. its slower than a manual!!
4. some of the aftermarket bits (exhaust, chips, diffs) dont work with the auto!!
5. you WILL regret it

I will agree the auto drive nice......but go for a drive in mine....I will let you drive it....and you can feel the real differance.

I would HIGHLY sugest the iPod/usb option as well! I have a 60 gb 1.8inch hard drive pluged in and have days worth of music on uses the "USB mass storage" any mp3 player, thumb drive, portable hard drive works

SHHHH...........he'll figure out later that dealing with the wife would have been easier and well worth the fun.

iPod ftw.....btw