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Success! New, improved CDV is in!

Originally Posted by larryn View Post
I believe that I jacked up from the rear jacking point, and put the stands on the front jack point for each side.
Thanks for the info Larryn.

I used a pair of axle stands as per your install and used a few layers of old carpet to project the fragile jack points on the 135i and so was able to change out the restrictive CDV this morning, following the above DIY instructions.

Everything was fine apart from having difficulty finally accessing and loosening the clutch bleed screw. I ended up buying a flexible screw driver fitted with a 1/8 inch drive and used small 12 mm socket to loosen the bleed valve. I had a friend gently press down the clutch peddle twice and then tightened it up, and all was fine.

I am very impressed with the result. 1-2 gear changes are far smoother and less notchy and all other changes up and down the box are greatly improved too!

Best 15 ($30) I ever spent.

Mad chemist.