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Originally Posted by gargoyal View Post
I' ve been to 2 dealer is So. California this week and I have to say I am disappointed in the BMW "experience". Unlike Lexus and Infinity, it seem that BMW dealers don't care about long term relationships or making their customers seem special. Instead they seem to have the attitude that we should feel privileged to be buying a BMW.
At both dealerships I needed to wait 15-20 min to be helped, I was not offered coffee, a snack or a beverage, once they found out I was there for a 1 series the sales person seemed to get even less interested. The real kicker was the amount of time I wasted to get out of them what they where selling the 135 for (about 25-35 min).
All this to find out $3000-$5000 over sticker for a 135 in stock or $1000-$3000 over sticker to order a 135. This is suppose to be a entry level car. This is the type of car that creates brand loyalty. Why is BMW letting the dealers fleece their long term customers? this is not good for a brand.
I still love the 135, but I am having serious doubts about BMW and its dealer network. Anyone know a SO CAL dealer that would restore my confidence ?


There are good dealers in So. Cal. Read this thread for some. I just ordered a red 135i from BMW Long Beach. Great service ,to the point, and didn't waste my time. test drove a 135 auto, a 335 manual and did all the paper work in less than 1 hour. Most of the time was spent test driving.
If you want a good CA who will respect your time and won't play stupit games ask for Robby Montinola.

You are so right. I had a CA (Tischer BMW in Maryland) who quoted me a price of $1100 over the invoice a week ago on a 2008 335i coupe. Then few days ago, I get an e-mail for a special financing 3.9 % and incentives up to $2500 on a new 2008 BMW in stock. So I call him up and say "so what does this mean on the price you quoted me from last week ?" He says "that mean I can give you one at $500 below invoice !!". So I was trying to buy a white 335i coupe he had in stock and the CA changes his tune and says " I can't be $500 below invoice". :bs:. I said "Thank You for your time and effort".Why are BMW CA such a A$$H0l3? I know they are not all like this. it's just few bad ones that makes the rest look bad. I will wait 6 months and go to another dealer to make a deal on a 135i or 335i coupe.