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12pm Cloudy
61F 61F20%51F70%From E 12 mph
1pm Cloudy
62F 62F10%51F67%From E 13 mph
2pm Cloudy
63F 63F10%51F65%From E 13 mph
3pm Cloudy
63F 63F20%51F65%From E 13 mph
4pm Few Showers
63F 63F30%50F62%From E 14 mph
I say it's a go. Screw it. It's cloudy. If it's raining at 10am, then it's cancelled. Otherwise we should be on! I will have directions printed to hand out. Make sure you fill up before you leave. There are gas stations around, but not within a mile. Anyway, hope to see everyone there!

Here's a link to the directions if you would like to see where we are going.