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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
Awesome, Scott!! Looking forward to the progress, and glad to see you guys are building one up! Did you guys call Miguel from VelozDecals? I think he mentioned to me that "somebody from Cali called asking about 1Addicts decals". I assume that was you guys now.

If not, please let me know, and just let me know what size(s)/color you'd want, and we'll get them made up for you.

Question regarding those brake pads. It looks like the rear pads can be removed without removing the caliper, like a normal Brembo setup. Is that true, and also how are the front pads to remove/replace?
Wasn't me on the decals (but I have the file, so Modern Image in Huntington Beach can whatever I need).

The rear pads can slide out, but on the fronts, you gotta remove the caliper.
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