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SSTT does not get detected by 29.2 (flashed to MSD80) or MSD81 DME

Here are some another good posts where many of the tuners weight in on all tunes:
*Shiv's 1st post pretty much sums it up as to what's going on.

There is a HUGE amount of miss information being spread about. Most of it is tin foil hat info.


1. BMW has changed ECU's from V80 to V81 in post March builds. This ECU has different CARB code (not tuner related) as well as 4 (what has been seen by tuners) counter measures that record data for piggy back tunes (JB/Proceed/AA and so on). SSTT does not run outside the ECUs parameters and isn't being logged. The ECU is still controlling all the cars operations with SSTT.

2. 29.2 is being flashed to V80 ECU's (CARB again) and it seems to have the V81 code as well.

I have personally talked to Jeff about both of these measures and how it would affect pre/post March builds as well as 29.2 flashes. He has said that in his BMW FASTA (he's tested hooked to their computers at dealer) tested that SSTT does not show up in V80, V81 or V80 w/29.2.