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Just got back from the Parramatta launch (well, had dinner and dropped a friend off too)

Took a USB stick with a couple of albums in it (no formatting, just in <artistname> folder/<albumname> folder.

It plugs in fine on a non Satnav car with HiFi, but I couldn't navigate. It plays though.

It also plugs in fine on a Satnav car but it wouldn't recognise the USB device. Same deal with the iPod touch without the audio cable.

I didn't have much time in the cars, so I didn't fiddle too much. No keys either.

Non of them had business nav, only pro...

Otherwise, the food was good and there wasn't a single white car there, although the coral red did look OK in the relatively low lighting. The lighting wasn't good on the Sedona Red though. Actually, there was not a single 135 coupe or vert with the options I wanted