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Originally Posted by Kris View Post
Damn, that sucks they didn't have a white one. did they start the car up to everyone could hear it?? Sounds kinda naff the launch or was it ok? heres hoping tonights Canterbury one is good!
Yeah. I was a bit late, but I didn't hear anyone talking about how it sounded. They had a DJ playing tunes though.

It was OK in my opinion, but then it's just a launch of a car. It wasn't even their flagship. I mean the food was good, it was nice to be able to sit in the car and play around. Lots of brochures, drinks, food, people, but no more information that what I already knew.

Originally Posted by aus_buster View Post
Dodgey, Im off to the trivett launch as well. Should be good. Salesmen told me around 300 people were coming (i find that hard to believe though) ...
Crap, wish I saw this before I went. Could have caught up and chatted about your car :biggrin: There were lots of people, but I think most just came and went...