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Let's Remove Various Pieces of Interior Trim

I figured I would have one thread that dealt with the removal of various interior trim. I will post updates to the thread as I take more off my car.

Removing trim around shift boot

Remove the shift knob and shift boot.

With the shift knob and boot removed, remove the trim by pulling up. There are a few clips holding it in place.

Removing Door Handle Trim

The Door handle trim pieces are held in place with the same clips as the shift boot surround trim.

To remove the trim, begin at the bottom of the trim. I was able to remove by pulling the trim off, you may want to use an Interior Trim Tool to un-dock the connectors.

Slowly work your way up the trim releasing the 5 clips. You do not need to pull very hard, just enough to release the clip then move on to the next one.

Removing the Dash Trim

The Dash Trim is held in place with what I call the BMW straight clips. They are basically spikes that mate with a female plug on the dashboard.

Begin at the outboard point and use the Interior Trim Tool to un-clip the first clip. Work your way toward the Driver Side using the same precautions that you used on the Door Trim.

HVAC Console Trim Removal

The HVAC trim and the lower section that holds the heated seat switch bay is one piece. The line that you may think is designating where the trim is 2 pieces, is just for cosmetics.

To remove the HVAC Console Trim, begin on the lower edge. Use an Interior Trim Tool to undock the 2 clips along the bottom edge. Do not pull the trim out too far. You will create stress on the trim and it can break. You can see int he below picture where it is starting to stress. With the lower clips un-docked, move along each side releasing the 2 clips per side with the Interior Trim Tool.

Interior Trim Removal Tool

The Eastwood Company sells a nice set of Interior Trim Tools. They are plastic shims of different sizes, angles and shapes that allow you to carefully separate interior trim.