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Hi all,

The problem you have is that anything over 1000 Australian dollars including freight is subject to Customs duty, GST, brokers fees etc. I estimate, without knowing box sizes etc, i expect landed they will cost you guys approx $1900-2000 working on a cost price of 1273usd.

Dan, the problem of sending to the one address is that the address it goes to would have to pay customs and fees on the whole amount.

Now with out stepping on toes, yes i do understand you guys already have a relationship with Dan....

I have a great relationship with BMW here, naturally. I can supply Rear diffuser (for sport only models) hey i thought they were all sport models in Australia but apparantly not.

BMW Australia have agreed to reduce the cost if i can organise a few sales, 5 or so, and of course you have full BMW warranty and a confirmed quote. I can supply in your hands for $1995 which is a huge reduction on price i have negotiated this morning.

Please, i don't wish to step on toes with Dan, he offers a magnificant service to this forum and should be rewarded, i just thought it prudent to make an offer.

Let me know if i can help