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Originally Posted by jtsherri View Post
Both Clayton and I are getting to the bottom of this. Some of these details are very real; however, some of it is just hearsay as well. We both have reliable contacts that should be able to provide more accurate explanations and a helping hand in the event that something were to actually occur (unlikely, IMO).

All I know is that the parties involved had better hope there isn't any proof of slander if things get too out of control.

Where things sit now, I'd personally run SSTT; however, in regards to V3, I'm not and probably never will be a fan of piggyback systems. Should this deter others from using it? No... but this is my preference based on my experience with other vehicles.

Stage 2 is a poke in the eye for what you get and you will probably want the upgraded oil cooler as well. Hell there has to be away around the top speed limiter that is cheaper....LOL. Where the hell you going to go 180ish anyways.

e90 has the best threads on the speculation. I've talked to Jeff and Eurobahn to get the information I need to feel safe should I get the software update.