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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
Car's looking great, and very decent work on the armrest and cage intersecting the dash! Can't wait to hear some impressions of how Willow Springs went.
Well, the car did indeed make it's racing debut this past weekend at Willow Springs International Raceway. The craftsmanship on the cage work by the guys at Impact Engineering was not only done on time, but a very clean job. All the people that stopped by to check it out were impressed.

For a very first time out with no performance modifications except a KW street kit and R compound tires, the car showed a lot of promise. We were 3 seconds off the track record for that track, but we're sure when built to the full extent of the rules, has more than that left in it. The amazing thing - the car ran two 45 minute races without going into 'limp home' mode!!!

So all in all a good weekend - the car is wicked fast on the straights (and will be even faster with Dinan software) and when we get more Nitto rubber up front and some camber, it will be a lot quicker. But the car did not show any signs of complaining about being a race car.

Some team pics in my 135 track gallery:

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