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Originally Posted by Nick@Jlevi SW View Post
From my experience based on several installs on everything from a 1 series, 3 series, 5 and X5, they are a really solid product. The newest iterations have the burning issue solved and they are guaranteed for life so you do not have to worry about these burning out.
Did they lower the wattage to the oem standards? I'm kind of wary of getting these without solid conformation they won't melt the plastic.

Originally Posted by 1LazyBmw View Post
The xenon he was referring too are called filament bulbs.. and they dont last as long as LED's but are way cheaper.... i've looked into it.. your looking at $27 vs $100.00 or something like that..
Unless they have definitely fixed the problem, an extra $75 is not that much in order to not have to worry about my car burning to the ground.