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Originally Posted by MadisonOne View Post
I know I must be a total dummy, but can someone walk me through exactly where they jacked up the car to place 2 jack stands?

I have a floor jack and 2 jack stands. I first tried using the rear point to place the one front stand, but then I couldn't get the floor jack under the opposite side because of the lean.

Any help would be appreciated.


Had the same problem with my CDV fitment. I ended up using only one axel stand (front left) and the trolley jack the other side. That's not ideal, I know. I think to be safe you'll need to get the lowest height jack available.

Some advise I can give you is to use a neoprine "jack pad" to protect the delicate hard plastic jack points on the 135i.

I also found if helped to use a few layers of old carpet to put over the axel stands to protect the car when you lower the jack down onto the axel stands.

Sorry I can't be more help here.