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I ordered my 135i from Tischer BMW of Silver Spring (MileOne), and I had (and continue to have), a really good experience. My CA gave me all the time in the world (he was about to leave after a full day's work, but stayed with me for 2 hours to get me a test drive and talk about options and pricing). His wife even called twice, but he stayed with me, and I really appreciated that. Also, he allowed me to take a 135i on a test drive by myself, and he even gave me a great back roads route to take. It was an awesome route that took me through the Silver Spring countryside/farmlands with winding roads and varying grades. I was out for about 45 minutes, and that wasn't a problem at all for them. Also, both the sales manager and the general manager came out to greet me and talk for a bit. They even shared their own BMW stories. I was also given a bottle of water (i know, not a big deal, but it was a nice gesture). And whenever I have a question, I just call my CA or email him, and he's always ready to respond. Just yesterday he went out of his way to contact a customer who just received his 135i, to ask him a question that came from me. I'm in my early 30s, but I could pass for 27, so I wasn't judged by my younger appearance. I recommend them, based on the experiences I've had thus far. Let me know if you want my CAs name...he's great.