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I emailed BMW of Arlington and a lot of other dealerships with an offer of $1,000 over invoice. Every dealership either declined my offer, or gave me a counter offer. BMW of Arlington was the only dealership that emailed me back saying they would accept the offer. I was very happy so I quickly emailed them back wanting to place a deposit but they did no respond. I thought that maybe they were busy or maybe they had closed for the day or maybe the CA that emailed me was off for the day so i gave them a couple of days to reply but they did not. Then i emailed the sales manager stating that i was happy that BMW of Arlington was willing to accept my offer and that i would like to place a deposit but i was unable to get a response from the CA. I figured surely the sales manager would atleast email me back. NO! Nothing. No response back. Finally got my local dealership to accept my offer so I emailed BMW of Arlington AGAIN to let them know that i had tried numerous times to get in touch with them but they would never email me back so i went ahead and ordered from my local dealer, but if they would beat the deal then to please email me back. To this day, I have had no email back from them. I have probably emailed them atleast 5 times and only got 1 reply back and that was the original one stating they would accept my offer.