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I just looked at the link from your M3 update and saw this.

I am really terrified at seeing that. As a friend, I am horrified that Ralph or Rolando could be seriously injured in that cage. As a race car builder, fabricator, shop owner and national CR sponsor (evosport) I am concerned that (1) it is not legal and (2) that if someone is killed it will hurt the series and all of our reputations.

It IS that serious.

Not only are those plinths not legal IMHO, they are deadly. You have created a lever and they are welded on a shear plane. In a roll over (which we had last weekend), that cage would tear away from the vertical welds and with that design, the cage would act as a knife to cut through the sheet metal floor, and would NOT hold. The roof WOULD collapse on the driver.

I am also concerned about the distances between the a-pillars and front cross bar to the roof. The main reason to use a platform or plinth is to weld 360 deg and then raise the cage VERY tight against he unibody (allowing no clearance). Then you weld in the plinth. This is not a legality issue, just one of safety.

I would be surprised if that car is allowed to race in CCA again without modification to fit in the cage rules and I would implore you not to let anyone drive it until some of these things are rectified. What happened to Claudio was minor, if it had been Ralph or Rolando (both good friends of mine) in this car/cage combo, we could have had serious injuries.

Past that, the car looked great on track and I am so excited to see you guys tackle this project. I just want to make sure that you start off going the right direction.