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Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
The manual is not bad at all with the CDV, it just feels even better without it.

Once you remove the CDV, it feels live a Civic Si MT with Amsoil in it. If you haven't changed the MT fluid to Amsoil in your Si, you wouldn't beleive how much smoother the MT becomes.

You still haven't driven the 1er?
I took my Si to the dealer 2 weeks ago and they replaced the trans oil with synthetic. It is really nice. I am not sure what they put in, they just said synthetic.

No I haven't driven one. I am getting second thoughts with the problems I keep reading about here. I don't like having to mod the trans to make it shift like it should in the first place. Plus the fuel pump problems some are having. I am just very worried about too many problems. I was really excited 3 months ago and planned on ordering one in Feb 09. I will think hard for the next 8 months. I really don't know. Plus having to order one and selling my car myself in the winter will be a major hassle. If BMW won't offer me a decent trade I will problably get something else. That way I can sell my car myself in the springtime (April/May 09) then just go to a dealer and buy the car I want thats on the lot. If BMW has an Alpine white manual with a few options on the lot it would be 1,000,000% easier.