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I believe I met your CA last night when I was picking my car up... I'm the other Montego 135i that Tischer ordered. Apparently everyone was confused as to whether your car had come in until they found mine in the queue (I think we only have 1 option apart from one another). I told them I'd tell you that I stole your car! Hope you get yours soon!

Back on topic, I wanted to add another recommendation to Tischer, who handled everything well. I'd highly recommend you give them your business if you're looking in the DC area.
haha...that's awesome! What a connection. My CA originally emailed me and said..."I just looked in your car and yes, it comes with a M logo shift knob" and I was like....WHAT??? It's HERE??? hahaha You're right...I think he was a bit confused as well.

Glad you got your car already...Mine is due in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait!! BTW, I also ordered the M logo door sills from United BMW. It comes standard on Canadian models, but not on ours. And if you get any accessories, I recommend going through Tischer, as they have good discounts and I was told by them that United actually copied their website. Tisher didn't offer the M logo sills.