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I forgot about this until my wife reminded me the other day, but the Porsche dealership right next to BMW of Arlington is also a place of frustration for me. Prior to the 1 coming out, last summer I guess, I was shopping around for my next car and wanted to test drive a new Boxster S. I showed up at the dealership about 1 1/2 hours before they closed and asked to take a test drive. They told me I couldn't, that they had just locked up the keys for the day. What? I asked why they couldn't unlock them if they were just "locked-up" and the guy just told me they wouldn't because they were getting ready to close up shop. As we are having this conversation another customer returns from a test drive. I ask about test driving the car that just returned and he told me I couldn't in case the customer wanted that particular car. Again, all this while the dealership still had over an hour until closing time. I gave that guy a piece of my mind. And a week later I showed up in a 911 (borrowed) and found that same guy and told him he missed out on a sale and that I was even talked up to the 911. He was clearly agitated and showed, right at the time the sales manager walked by. The sales manager asked if we needed anything and I calmly mentioned that because of the customer service I didn't receive I bought a 911 elsewhere (even though I didn't). Not sure what happened to that guy. Must be something in the water at the dealerships in Arlington.
Do you look young?

That's the most annoying fucking thing, and it happens to me all the time because i look about 10 years younger than I am. Then I go somewhere I just want to be left alone (like Best Buy) and i can't get the salespeople to shut the F up.