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I live in jax and *HATE* tom bush. I actually drove to gainesville to purchase my 135i.

I've had warranty work done (Z4) at tom bush of regency and it was an absolute nightmare both times. 1) no loaner car. 2) they replaced the wrong mirror TWICE. 3) when they finally replaced the correct mirror, they replaced it with the WRONG part (non-dimming mirror vs. the light-sensitive, dimming mirror I should have received). 4) since they kept replacing the wrong parts, my rain-sensing wipers no longer function; just normal intermittent wipers now.

Since I can't afford to keep taking off from work and getting a rental car; and since no amount of complaining to the service manager seemed to fix the issues, I finally just said screw it and decided to live with the car as is. Sometimes its better to quit while ahead.

Anyway, I had a much better experience with All-Pro in Gainesville this time around.

135i Black Sapphire, Lemon, High Gloss Black, 6MT, pretty much loaded

Performance Center Delivery was awesome!