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CONTEST: ‘Best 1 Series Pic’

Okay 1 Addicts, we all love the 1 Series and have seen some really great pictures to date, especially in this part of the forum. But when it comes to quality pics of the smallest BMW, more IS more, and more pics is what we want!!

This thread is your chance to combine your photographic skills and your addiction to the 1 Series to vie for honours as having posted the ‘Best 1 Series Pic’ .

Over the next few weeks we want you to post original and not-previously-posted photos of the 1 Series. Entries for ‘Best 1 Series Pic’ will be considered up to July 14, 2008. Once the entry period is finished, our venerable group of moderators and administrators will nominate the Top 10 Finalists. A new thread will be set up so that by July 31, 2008, all members of will have a chance to comment on the Top 10 Finalists to influence the moderators on which should be picked as 2008's ‘Best 1 Series Pic’.

The winner of ‘Best 1 Series Pic’ may be eligible for 1addicts gear and the photo may be used as the official photo on the splash page on

Terms and conditions:
  • Photos entered must belong to the poster. It doesn’t have to be the poster’s car in the photo, but the poster (or a friend or family member or whatever) has to have taken the photo. This will be difficult to police, so the honour system is in effect.
  • Photos posted must not have previously been posted on We are looking for fresh content and don’t want sift through photos we’ve seen before.
  • No Photoshop-enhanced pictures. While some light touch-ups are permissible (color balancing, mild 'air-brushing' or detailing), we are not looking for artificial shots of the 1 Series. We want to see the 1 Series in all it's natural beauty as it appears in the wild.
  • Only photos of the 1 Series will be considered. Photos entered should not predominantly feature any other models (BMW or otherwise). That said, photos can contain as many 1ers as you can round up into one shot.
  • Entries will be considered up to 11:59pm on July 14, 2008. Entries received following that time will be welcome additions to the collection, but will not be eligible to be considered as a finalist.
  • Moderators' and Administrators' decisions in selecting the 10 finalists and the ultimate winner are final and non-negotiable.
  • Photos must be a maximum of filesize of 585.9 KB and a maximum resolution of 1300 x 1240 (jpeg), although the original high-resolution file should also be available.
So with all the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, we look forward your submissions.

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