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someone on e90post has it. he is very happy with it. he has tried every tune available. however, i wouldn't spend that kind of money for 400 bhp claims. That's about 350 at the wheels, assuming 12% drivetrain loss. And its just a manufacturer claim, so actual numbers might (and usually are) lower. Procede puts down 350 or more at the wheels in actual dynos - not just a claim, and its only 1,500 usd. juicebox puts down some serious numbers too, especially if you add a couple of h pills and it will put down crazy numbers on the high octane gas you get in europe. and that will cost you like 500-600 usd. more than 400bhp for sure.

like check out this guy:

369whp = 369/.88= 419 bhp on 104 octane gas, assuming 12% drivetrain loss, for like 600 bucks. you guys have what like 96 octane? still compare the hp/$. that's a serious mod right there.

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