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Originally Posted by ximpulsex View Post
My girl and I recently drove to LA and while traveling through the backroads over hills and around corners the V1 went off 6 times where it helped save us from a ticket! No LIE or exaggeration!

I've had my V1 for 3 years now and it's been well worth the money!
I really want laser detection to work and I did buy a V1.. but how can you detect laser over hills and around corners? Assuming line of sight, the problem is that there is a very narrow beam (like 18 inches) shining at your headlights or front plate to get a reflection. The detector picks up scatter or maybe the operator will wobble a bit. Unless the operator can't aim the laser gun and fails to get a decent reflection, when the laser hits, they have your speed before your detector can do anything but inform you it happened.

I haven't encountered laser yet, just radar. V1 is splendid for that. And I'm certainly not looking for an argument, just education. I'm just confused on the technical side of how we can detect and evade laser traps.


BTW.. amazing DIY kfudicia. Totally professional looking. Thank you very much for putting in so much effort for our benefit.