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I would agree with this...

Originally Posted by Blade929 View Post
ST I can refer to you my salesperson at VOB who is excellent. Her name is Nan Wong. I have purchased 2 cars from her with a third pending and about 5 of my friends have.
I agree.
I would also not hesitate to refer anyone to Nan. I bought my first BMW ('05 330xi) from her. I almost didn't buy from them because I was ignored the first time I showed up. I gave them another shot when the contact at my bank referred me back to VOB and asked me to contact Nan. I appreciate the fact that she gives the price up-front. Most of the transaction has been handled by phone/email and I just show up to take delivery. Since '05, my family has purchased a total of 5 cars from her (2 of them came my way). Our most recent acquisition is an '08 128i. Nan made the ordering process painless and we are getting the car the way we like it- base with a few small options.