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Many thanks for all the replies.

I did like the TT TDi but share many of your thoughts in comparison to the 1er. The TT was a really nice car but having driven BMWs for nearly 13 years (the current one for 12 years and 168000 miles !) it's a tough leap to make and I think I'm going to give the 1 series a go. I'm also quite keen on the improvements to the I-Drive system due from September, especially the new hard disk facility which I think will have the edge on the TT's Navplus system. Either way I suspect it'll be a little while yet before I make up my mind on which engine and I think I'll have to have another go in the 123d. It was just the sound that put me off a little and made me wonder if a 125i would be a better choice. Must admit I don't do many miles these days but the 123d appeals on a number of levels so deciding between the two isn't as easy as it would otherwise be. I did think about the Z4 coupe but there's something about the interior that just puts me off, a bit like the 3er coupe.

In the mean time keep the 1er coupe reports going and the pictures flowing :smile: