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Shark Fin aerial,Connected Dirve and mods to Idrive?

Hi, my first post since joining, although I've had my 1 series for a while now, picked it up last september brand new, and stuck 31000 miles on it already, absolutely loved every minute of it!!

I've got a 57 120d 3dr hatch back with the business nav system fitted. Gutted to hear they are upgrading it, I wonder if it will be possible to upgrade to the latest nav?

Also, unlike a lot of people, I actually really like those shark fin aerials, however mine came with the normal one, anyone know if its possible to change it and get a shark fin fitted, and if so, how much?

Lastly I have registered for the BMW assist package, and find it pretty useful, I would love to be able to use the Googlemaps feature where you send the info down to you car, but it doesnt seem to work on mine- there is no 'my info' screeen! Does anyone have the same problem? is it a bug, or is it just because I have the business system, whereas you need the professional system. It has been into my local dealer, but Im none the wiser from it!

Any help would be much appreciated.