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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
Looking really good, Scott and Ralph! I assume you're going to try to work on the limp mode issues? I see the Dinan decals. In stock class, can you do anything like the Dinan larger oil cooler, or a larger intercooler? How about some fancy ducting to get more air in the engine bay or a larger auxillary fan?
We think the Dinan software, oil cooler (and not racing as few times as possible in 100+ deg. temperatures) will help.

We also have some Total oil/ elf racing grade products on the way that may also reduce engine temperatures, so we'll be keeping everyone posted on how that works out. We are going to try the Total Quartz 10W-50 racing motor oil. A shop that we trust and have been working with since 2004 is starting to use it in all the race and M cars they service saying they have experience lower engine oil temps.

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