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I too am undecided on external colour for this car, up until now it was a choice between AW and Sedona, I never really considered the CR because my current car that I'll be replacing with the 1er is a similar red and I really wanted something different this time around...

BUT after seeing the pics in this thread, I may just change my mind and try chase down a CR example here to check it out in the metal - usually if it looks good on pics, it looks alot better in real life, if I'm as impressed as I am with the pics on this thread, I think I've found the right colour for me :smile:

Also with the CR you can match it up with a wider choice of interior colours, compared to AW, I've always loved the taupe and light grey interiors as these have the underside of the dash and centre console in the same colour, which IMO looks fantastic and either of these will work with CR as will savanah or lemon