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ED without the ED?

I have an ED situation that may be unique and I'd appreciate all the suggestions I can get on this. So, here goes....

Thinking I was prepared to do ED on a 09 128i vert, I cashed in 100K Frequent Flyer miles by making early reservations and luckly got two free RT tickets for 9/27/08. Yet due to financial reasons I would like to wait until 01/09 (at the earliest) to purchase my 128i. Natually, because of poor weather, I would not want to do ED in 01/09 .

So that brings me to the question: What to do with my free RT tickets. I do not want to redeposit these miles ($150 cost!) and because I have always wanted to do ED, I could do one of the following...

1. Still take the trip and "pretend" :biggrin:I am doing ED by flying to Munich on 9/27/08, take the factory tour and just rent a car for sightseeing, Then get the 128i in 01/09 or...
2. Wait until early Spring 09 and do a real ED then using maybe higher FF miles after paying the $100 Change Fee.

Now, most on this forum will probably say take option #2 and get the FULL ED experience and savings,......HOWEVER for those trying to use FF miles you all know the Airlines are making it increasing difficult, if not impossible, to use your miles (it was hard enough to get 2 tickets late 09/08 for 100K). And there is speculation that by 09 the Airlines may make FF impossible or too expensive an option. Thus, I am afraid FF for ED may be a thing of the past come 09. Finally, Missouri will give me a $1,100 tax credit towards a new 128i, provided I buy before end of 01/09.

The option of trying to get the car "early" in 09/08 is also not practical as we do not "need" the 128i as a 2nd car in 08, but we will in early 09 and I can avoid a MO 08 Property Tax on the 128i of about $1K if purchased 01/09 or later (an 01/09 purchase postpones this tax until 01/10!) Nevermind the 4 months of car ownership costs we will save on a car we don't "need".

So what do you think...does it make sense to enjoy a "fake" ED experience in 09/08 and get the 128i vert here in the U.S. in 01/09 or try to do full ED by taking the chance of getting new FF reservations and pay the Fees/additional taxes that will total an extra $1,250 if I go Spring 09?

Sorry this is so long and thanks again for all the recommendations.:smile: