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Finally, Ive decided!

Hey folks

After months and months of researching on what hatchback or coupe car to buy ive decided to go for the 1.

I went to the dealership here in Bahrain to checkout the 1er, there was just 1 135 and the others wer the lower models. The 135 they have is in Montego Blue/Boston Terra/Aluminum Trim but sadly in auto.

So ive decided on this and im gonna go to the dealer to order it in a couple of hours :thumbup:

Alpine White/Black/CF Trim, 6 speed Manual, the way it should be , FULL option, M-Package, 261 wheels.

Cant wait!

After im done with the dealer im gonna come back home to finish my mod shopping

Thanks to and to its members for making me go for the right choice. Safe
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