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i had a chat with the salesguy today and told him to delete the sunroof from the list.

now, im still researching for what to shop for mods.

The CPE exhaust system sounds nice and imo is the best looking one too, which i think im gonna order.

The Tii kit, i know BMWunited sells them, but who do u recommend to contact from ther sales? I would like to know if they ship international and would like to know if the warranty is international or just for the US?

Im thinking of ordering those racing seats and some CF bits from them and probably a chip? if they have one? and if it comes with warranty that will be great too, if not, then i guess im gonna go for the AC Shnitzer chip cuz the BMW dealer here is also a ACS dealer, and if i purchase any engine mods throu them i get it with warranty so it doesnt fck up my 5 year service contract.
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