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totally!!!! You should be pissed! Where did they apply it on the car? Are you talking about a ClearBra? Did you get it done at the dealership?

I am quite sure the problem is with the person putting it on.
Car must be clean, and prepped. It must sit for a day before taken out.

If you can not get this fixed then;
100% refund, a nice BMW rental while waiting, and have them take it off!
There should be zero damage and on top of this, I think they should give you a $50 gift cert for the trouble! (if this was done at the dealership)

BTW I have had trouble too. I wish I had never got it done at the dealership for this.

Also get the warranty card that should go with the product. Contact the manufacturer of the product. They care how their product is applied.


Scotchguard to me means carpet protection.