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I dont think you know much about ED then....I saved over $4000+ when i did ED 2-3 years ago.

You just have to find a SA that knows what he/she is doing.

Here's the ED INVOICE Pricing for 1 series as of 9/2008

1 key thing is you negotiate with ED INVOICE Price and not ED MSRP.
Is not only the Model price you get discount, you also can get ED INVOICE price on options...etc
lets say I'm getting an ED 135 with Steptronic & Heated seats.....$30460 + $1260 + $455 + $825 (D&H charge) = $33000 (plus a dealer profit of $xxx over ED Invoice)
VS...USA MSRP $35600 + $1325 + $500 + $825 = $38250 .....thats alot of savings

If your sales rep says he'll only sell it @ ED MSRP...walk away asap

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You do ED for the experience not the savings which are minimal once you figure in the cost of the trip and $9 gas. From what I have read here and other sites, most people are paying full MSRP on ED.
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